Help Provide Clean Water for the Woodlands

Berks Gas Truth is working with a group of faith leaders from across Pennsylvania have launched a fundraiser via a crowdfunding tool called Faithify, operated by the UU church, to raise $5000 to purchase clean water for families in the Woodlands in Butler County, Pennsylvania. The families there have gone without clean water in their homes since fracking operations contaminated their water supplies more than six years ago. The government has never helped the people of the Woodlands, nor has it held the company to account.

Faith leaders are stepping up to do what the government has failed to do. Faithify works like other crowdfunding sites that only fund projects that hit their targets. Thanks to a generous donor, the first $2500 raised will be matched, making reaching our goal all the more possible. In fact, we’d like to surpass our goal since $5000 only covers water for 5 months. We have until February 24th to do it!

Any donations you can offer, no matter how small, help so much. Visit the project page on Faithify for more information and to make a donation.