Dirty Gas Has No Place in a Clean Power Plan

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The Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan isn’t as clean as it’s made out to be. In its attempt to reduce the number of coal-fired power plants, it will increase dramatically the number of natural-gas fired power plants. In the handful of years we have left to deal with climate change, we can’t afford the methane pollution that comes from at every step in the production, processing, transmission, and end use of natural gas. In the twenty year time scale, methane is 86 times more powerful at warming the atmosphere than is carbon dioxide.

Some states may meet their Clean Power Plan targets by transitioning away from both coal and natural gas, but that will NOT happen in Pennsylvania. Check out our Huffington Post piece that lays out the issues.

We’ve written a series of statements detailing the issues with the plan that you can find at bit.ly/pafcpp.

You’ll find a petition link on that page, but here’s the direct link. Please sign and share it!

It’s unclear what will become of the Clean Power Plan in a Trump administration, so keep checking here for updates.