We Want a FULL Frack Ban in the Delaware

On February 25th, the Delaware River Basin Commissioners made good on their 2017 promise to ban fracking in the Delaware! But what was just as important that day was the Commissioners’ decision to remove from consideration two regulations they’d also announced in 2017 — one that would allow dirty fracking wastewater to be imported to the basin for treatment, processing, storage, and disposal and one that would allow clean water to removed from the basin for fracking occurring elsewhere.

By removing the two regulations from consideration that day, the DRBC sent a message that they heard the public outcry for a FULL fracking ban that would ban those imports and exports too. The Commissioners announced that they would issue revised regulations by the end of September. We believe that it is likely that they announce the additional bans we seek, but we’re not taking anything for granted!

This summer, the Delaware River Frack Ban Committee, of which Berks Gas Truth is a member, is asking you to submit photos to our Photothon! The Committee with gather your photos and submit them to the DRBC so the Commissioners can be reminded of what is so special about the basin, what we are determined to protect and preserve.

And don’t miss the webinar on August 18 at 7 p.m. featuring Justin Nobel whose groundbreaking piece America’s Radioactive Secret published in Rolling Stone changed the conversation on radioactivity in fracking waste. His latest in Rolling Stone, The Oil and Gas Industry Produces Radioactive Waste. Lots of It, discusses a new report from the NRDC that validates what Justin found in his investigation. Register here!