Introduction to Fracking


Could Shale Gas Power the World? Time explores viability of shale gas Article
Drilling Down Excellent series from the New York Times looks at many issues raised by drilling. Series
The Big Fracking Bubble Jeff Goodell’s excellent article on the drilling issue in the March 15, 2012 issue of RollingStone Article
The Case for a Ban on Gas Fracking Important report from Food & Water Watch, the only national organization to call for an outright ban Report
The Case for a Moratorium Presentation by Dr. J. Stephen Cleghorn Presentation
The Fracking of Rachel Carson: Silent Spring’s Lost Legacy, Told in 50 Parts Sandra Steingraber, who has been referred to as the Rachel Carson of our time, compares Carson’s battles with those being fought today over fracking in this piece published in Orion. (Berks Gas Truth is mentioned in the article.) Article
The Fracturing of Pennsylvania New York Times’ profile of Amwell Township, one of the many townships in Pennsylvania taken over by drilling. Article
The Shale Game WHYY’s great 2010 series Radio Series
The Whole Fracking Enchilada: Violating the Bedrock, the Atmosphere, and Everything in Between Dr. Sandra Steingraber’s excellent essay in Orion Magazine Article
What the Frack? Natural Gas from Subterranean Shale Promises U.S. Energy Independence — With Environmental Costs Scientific American’s piece from a March 2010 Article

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