Fracking and Farming

Welcome to Berks Gas Truth’s page of resources updated for the Homegrown Village, Farm Aid 2017! Visit the other pages on our site for much more information on fracking and shale gas infrastructure.

Fractracker Alliance has mapped organic farms and their proximity to fracking.

Search Fractracker’s map to find out how close organic farms in your area are to fracking operations.


Articles & Studies

Right of Way, The Intercept, 2017

Landowner Continues Fight against Pipeline as Crews Begin Clearing Trees, PennLive, 2017

Eminent Domain Is Becoming a Crucial, Controversial Part of the Gas Pipeline Boom, The Allegheny Front, 2016

How Uncertain Property Rights Affect Agriculture in West Virginia, Appalachian Voices, 2016

Fracking the Farm: Scientists Worry About Chemical Exposure to Livestock and Agriculture, Truthout, 2014

Potential Impact of Fracking Worries Northeast Ohio Farmers, WKSU News, 2014

When Drought Occurs, Fracking and Farming Collide, Denver Post, 2014

Dairy Farms Suffer in US Shale Gas Fracking Boom, Ecologist special report, 2013

Fracking and Farmland, EcoWatch, 2013

How Fracking Affects Your Farmer’s Market, HuffPost, 2013

A Dairy Farmer Shares Her Story about Fracking: “What Have We Done?”, Public Herald, 2012

Risk and Responsibility: Farming, Food, and Unconventional Gas Drilling, Independent Science News, 2012

Impacts of Gas Drilling on Human and Animal Health, New Solutions, 2012

Fracking Our Food Supply, The Nation, 2012

Effects of Fracking Laid Out (PA Dairy Farmers French & Knapp),, 2011

Fracking with Our Food: How Gas Drilling Affects Farming, Grist, 2011

A Fracking First in Pennsylvania: Cattle Quarantine, ProPublica, 2010



Shalefield Stories, Friends of the Harmed

Fracking Our Foodshed

PASA Statement on Unconventional Natural Gas Extraction

Testimonials from Farmers Read at Pennsylvania Farm Show Rally, 2016

Letter to Governor Tom Wolf Signed by 100 Pennsylvania Farmers, 2016

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