Radioactive Roads

The Pennsylvania legislature has reintroduced a version of the bill that rolls back rules for conventional drillers. Berks Gas Truth has focused its efforts on a provision that allows road spreading of radioactive drilling waste.

In 2020, the letter we submitted signed by thousands of organizations and individuals helped prompt the House Environmental Resources and Energy committee to remove the provision from last session’s version of the bill, SB 790.

In 2021, the bill is back and worse than before because the road spreading has been expanded from unpaved to both paved and unpaved roads. This year’s version is HB 1144. The good news is that it hasn’t come to a vote yet. The bad news is that our government is determined to do the conventional drillers’ will by continuing to press for something that was already banned by the state once because of how dangerous it is.

See our press release on the delivery of our updated letter and stay tuned for more actions should the bill move.