Economics of Fracking



Shale and Wall Street: Was the Decline in Natural Gas Prices Orchestrated?, Deborah Rogers, founder of the Energy Policy Forum, examines the relationship between the natural gas industry and Wall Street in this February 2013 report. Report
Drill, Baby, Drill: Can Unconventional Fuels Usher in a New Era of Energy Abundance?, The Post Carbon Institute’s J. David Hughes questions bold assertions about fossil fuel abundance in this February 2013 report. Report
The Costs of Fracking Penn Environment’s Fall 2012 report on the true costs of fracking. Report
The Big Fracking Bubble Jeff Goodell’s excellent article on the drilling issue in the March 15, 2012 issue of RollingStone Article
Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets in Congress Common Cause’s excellent report released in November 2011 follows the money. Report
Drilling Deeper into Job Claims: the Actual Contribution of Marcellus Shale to Pennsylvania Job Growth Excellent report from Steven Herzenberg of the Keystone Research Center. Report
Insiders Sound an Alarm Amid a Natural Gas Rush New York Times’ great investigative report into the natural gas industry’s inflated claims of well productivity and shale gas reserves featuring Deborah Rogers, Founder of the Energy Policy Forum who spoke at a Berks Gas Truth-hosted event. Articles
Representation without Taxation: How Natural Gas Producers Escape Taxes in Pennsylvania Very informative report from the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center looks at all the taxes drillers don’t pay Report



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