Communities Fight Fracking and FERC

The Stop Fracked Gas Exports: Cove Point & Beyond rally and march are about much more than LNG exports. Countless communities will be impacted by the extraction and transport of all of that fracked gas. Many of those communities are fighting to hold off the industry or dealing with the adverse effects already occuring. Here are just a few of the anti-fracking efforts underway in communities across the country.

  • U.S. – Crude oil by rail endangers communities across America and Canada where one year ago 47 people died when Lac-Megantic was blown up by a runaway train carrying fracked Bakken shale oil. This highly volatile and polluting fossil fuel destroys life when fracked, transported, processed, and consumed and must be stopped.


  • Delaware River Basin (NY, NJ, PA, DE) – The Delaware Riverkeeper Network is fighting to keep a drilling moratorium in the Delaware River Watershed and fighting fracked gas development at every stage we can, everywhere we can: extraction, distribution, marketing, processing, exporting, and consumption while we are working for clean water, healthy communities and sustainable, renewable and energy efficient energy sources.


  • Littleton, CO – Against All Fracking for America fights to restore fracking to the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, with its original protections for citizens, where it resided before the “Halliburton Loophole” removed it from all health protections in 2005.


  • LaSalle County, IL – Communities  are actively fighting to stop a special-use permit application for a frac sand processing plant (set to be located atop the Brockman II Landfill and adjacent to the Brockman I Superfund site), pipeline, and semi-truck and rail transmodal facility.


  • Baltimore, MD – The Fracking Working Group of the Chesapeake Quarter of Baltimore is a group of Quakers from various Meetings in the Chesapeake area.  We have formed the Fracking Working Group to resist Cove Point and educate our fellow Quakers and other about energy issues, the myths of fracking’s benefits, and the issues of global warming, and what we can do in its face.


  • Lusby, MD — Calvert Citizens for a Healthy Community was formed for local citizens to research and fight the proposed Dominion Cove Point fracked gas liquefaction and export in our neighborhoods. Liquefaction equipment to chill gas to -260 degrees is extremely dangerous. We have proof that risk of flammable vapor clouds can go off site, ignite, and injure people. 2500 people live within a 1 mile radius of Cove Point LNG. This is NOT a remote site!


  • Myersville, MD  – Myersville Citizens for a Rural Community is fighting Dominion Transmission’s plan to operate a 16,000hp compressor station in town, less than a mile from Myersville Elementary School. Despite overwhelming public opposition and unanimous rejection by the Town Council, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved the project.


  • Pinelands, NJ – Don’t Gas the Pinelands, the Pineland Preservation Alliance, and  many nj environmental groups stopped the proposed fracking gas pipeline planned through the Pinelands of South Jersey, but the Jersey devils are attacking again and are trying to reverse that decision and ram it through.


  • Roseland, NJ-   A new gas compressor station has been built along an existing 1960’s pipeline where the pressure is being increased .  This station is located a few hundred feet from a high voltage electrical station.  We fear toxic emissions and explosions at the compressor station, the electrical station and along the aged pipeline.


  • Wayne, NJ – The board of directors of the Lakeland Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (LUUF) first got involved in the movement through their opposition to the Tennessee Gas Pipeline. They have since gotten involved in efforts opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Spectra pipeline.


  • Minisink, NY- Residents, including 9/11 First Responders and Black Dirt Farmers, have been fighting a compressor station for 3 years. The compressor’s been built; many health symptoms have already been reported. The community is currently battling FERC/Millennium Pipeline at the U.S. Court of Appeals, in efforts to shut the facility down.


  • New York, NY – The Rockaway Pipeline will bring Pennsylvania’s fracked gas into NYC. FERC review was typical with illegal segmentation; minimization of health, safety, wildlife and environmental impacts; withdrawn mitigation commitments; and inadequate public notice. Pipeline’s national park siting necessitated an Act of Congress to allow industrial take-over of national landmarks and previously protected environments.


  • OH – Since Ohio law changed in 2004 removing home rule for community authorization of oil and gas sites, citizens in the swing state have endured: sickness from fugitive emissions, a home explosion, water well contamination, forced pooling in urban neighborhoods and property abandonment from extreme noise and fumes from gas compressors.


  • OH – ACFAN and our sister organization Appalachia Resist! are a powerful Ohio grassroots force who educate, conduct direct actions, and seek legal redress. We have wide support in our fight to protect our thriving local foods economy and our communities from proliferating frackwaste dumping and a rogue state government.


  • Southeast OH – An entire watershed is threatened. A large conservancy district has decided to sell millions of gallons of water and lease reservoirs for fracking next to and UNDERNEATH them. The area is being turned into a industrial wasteland with flaring and water contamination. The remaining water is threatened from leaking injection wells and long laterals left under reservoirs.



  • PA – Protect Our Children (POC) is a coalition of parents, concerned citizens, and advocacy organizations, dedicated to protecting school children from the health risks of shale gas drilling and infrastructure.


  • Adams and Middlesex Twps, PA – Residents and Parents of Mars Area School District are fighting 6 proposed gas wells 1/2 mile from 5 schools and working to create a 2 mile drill free zone around the schools.


  • Butler County, PA – Members of Marcellus Outreach Butler (MOB) are mounting campaigns throughout the county. Whether it’s fighting to keep wells away from schools, preserving pristine watersheds, or banding together to keep drilling out of residential areas, MOB is active organizing, fighting shale gas throughout its death cycle.


  • Butler County, PA – A group of Butler Township, Butler County PA residents has recently come together to fight a local ordinance that allows natural gas drilling on all zoning districts, including residential zones. We have voiced our concerns to local officials and will take legal action if necessary. (no website yet)


  • Butler County, PA – Water for Woodlands is a non-profit organization serving over 30 families in the Woodlands area of Connoquenessing Twp., Butler County, PA whose domestic water supplies were contaminated after shale gas drilling commenced in their neighborhood. Visit our website to donate or volunteer.  Also, view Dr. John Stolz video.


  • Central PA – Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Water and Air is a group of concerned citizens in central PA hoping to preserve our most important resources–clean water and air which are now in jeopardy because of the  fracking happening on our farmlands  and in our state forest.


  • South Heidelberg, PA – Communities surrounding what could be the first gas-to-liquids facility in the U.S. are fighting proposed plans for the plant itself and the pipelines that would supply the gas and transport the hazardous liquid products from the plant. The plant is across from a daycare center and near three schools.


  • Southwestern, PA – The Youghiogheny River has a deep natural heritage and excellent outdoor recreational opportunities.  Our watershed contains hundreds of square miles of forestland, scenic hiking trails, clean swim holes and clean fishing streams. Mountain Watershed Association & Youghiogheny Riverkeeper is dedicated to protecting this area from the enormous threat fracking poses.


  • Western PA – Shalefield Stories is a compilation of first hand testimonies of people who have been harmed by drilling in the oil and gas shalefields across the US.  Donations collected from the sale of this book are used to provide support to families in Western PA impacted by drilling.


  • Westmoreland County, PA – The Westmoreland Marcellus Citizens’ Group fought the loss of local zoning control of fracking that was mandated by Act 13. In this area, we have contaminated water from leaking frack pits and residents who avow that they and their animals have suffered health problems from contamination of air and water from fracking.


  • Wilmington Township, PA – Home to a large old order Amish community, most was leased 15-20 years ago in during the last gas rush and is locked in horrible conventional gas leases.  This community is largely unaware of the potential impacts and they are being taken advantage of.


  • Arlington TX…. NG regulators gave our city $20K for converting to NG city vehicles. Our waste disposal company (that we provide NG fueling stations for) presented us a “livability” award (despite our 55 padsites in a 99 sq mile area). Our Unified Development Code is anti wind & solar in comparison to the rules for Urban drilling.


  • Nelson County, VA – Friends of Nelson fights the proposed Dominion pipeline that would  the pipeline is due to come to the holler (hollow) where we gather wild mushrooms and where bald eagles nest. This little draw of land and water is our life and I’m ready to fight for it.

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