Keystone XL & Natural Gas Pipelines

Resources from Sierra Club talk on June 10, 2013

Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline Timeline, Natural Resources Defense Council’s detailed timeline of the KXL.

EPA on Keystone XL: Significant Climate Impacts from Tar Sands Pipeline, Scientific American blog by David Biello contains embedded copy of EPA’s letter in reaction to the Draft EIS and comment.

5 Myths About Keystone XL, Debunked, great counter to oft-heard claims about the pipeline by Media Matters.

Keystone XL Pipeline Project: Key Issues, one in a series of excellent reports from the Congressional Research Service.

Proposed Keystone XL Pipeline: Legal Issues, more from the Congressional Research Service.

Keystone XL Pipeline Infographic – a Crash Course, excellent infographic from

New Keystone XL Route, Out of the Sandhills, but Still in the Aquifer, discussion of re-routing of KXL in Nebraska by Inside Climate News

Game Over for the Climate, Dr. James Hansen’s op-ed in the New York Times

Infographic: 13 Oil Spills in 30 Days, great infographic from

Two Decades of Spills, excellent map from the New York Times

TransCanada Whistleblower: Keystone XL  Pipeline Not Safe, revealing piece by Mike Klink in Common Dreams

Oil Sands Mining Uses Up Almost as Much Energy as It Produces, Rachel Nuwer’s piece on EROI from Inside Climate News

In the Path of the Stormnew report on damage done by climate change by EnvironmentAmerica

Global Warming’s Terrifying New MathBill McKibben’s excellent article from the August 2012 issue of Rolling Stone got more hits than the cover story on Justin Bieber

Cooking the Booksreport from Oil Change International on the true climate impacts of KXL overlooked by the State Department

U.S. State Department’s KXL Page, contains links to draft EIS and other documents


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