Your Tax Dollars at Work: My Call to the DEP

So I just had an interesting experience. Was trying to call the DEP for an update on the fracking brine as road cleaner permit amendments under consideration. After hitting full mailboxes and numbers that didn’t answer, I called Krancer’s office. They put me in touch with a line that someone actually answers in Oil & Gas. The woman told me that she thought it wasn’t true that they were considering… using brine as a road cleaner and put me on hold. After a couple of minutes, the line started ringing another number and someone from legislative affairs answered who had no idea what I was talking about. He took my name and number and volunteered to try to figure out who I should be talking to. We’ll see!

That inspired me to start a new feature on our site called Your Tax Dollars at Work. Post your stories as comments!

One thought on “Your Tax Dollars at Work: My Call to the DEP

  • December 7, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    The Fish and Boat commission was investigation a case of brine dumping in my county, they called DEP to look into into it and DEP replied that they were not interested in looking into the matter. As to the intelligence of our state workers… When water on my property became compromised soon after a near by Marcellus well was drilled, the DEP investigated and concluded that all the water from a deep spring that feeds a small brook comes only from my own few acres so the gas well could not be at fault.

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