Demand the Chance to Comment on Mariner East II

Please add your name or organization, if you’re an authorized signer, to our sign on letter to Governor Wolf and DEP Acting Secretary McDonnell. Here’s why we’re asking for sign ons…

Sunoco Logistics has been trying to build two pipelines, referred to jointly as Mariner East 2, for some time. The pipelines would traverse the state. In order to get approval for the pipeline, the company needs to get 2 permits from the Department of Environmental Protection known as 105 and 102 permits. The application they submitted was riddled with deficiencies, so the company now has until 12/7 to resubmit an application that addresses all of them.

There are lots of reasons to fight the pipelines and lots of people are doing just that (and we’d love your help), but the letter we’re submitting right now has to do with the fact that there has been no mention of a formal public participation process and, should one be announced, it would likely run 30 days, aka the duration of the holiday season. This is a familiar tactic we’ve had to deal with before. There would likely be no mention of public hearings either.

So we’re asking Pennsylvanians to sign the letter calling for a public participation process to be established, make it no shorter than 60 days, add 6 hearings, and put in place an inclement weather plan for rescheduling hearings.

To sign the letter, visit .

For more background on the deficiencies, visit…/dep-rejects-sunocos-plan-to-…/

It’s worth noting that Sunoco Logistics is already owned by Energy Transfer Equity and is about to purchase Energy Transfer Partners, the Dakota Access pipeline people. Read about that by visiting