How can i tell if mobile spy is on my iphone

how can i tell if mobile spy is on my iphone

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Oftentimes known as iPhone monitoring software, an iPhone keylogger is an app that runs silently on this type of device and reports all of the activities that take place on it. There are several available on the market but the FlexiSPY iPhone keylogger is the one that stands out from the competition.

The FlexiSPY iPhone keylogger app turns a smartphone into a surveillance device where a parent, employer, or spouse suspicious of her partner’s affairs can learn the truth about another’s activities.

Truths are discovered when the keylogger reports back to the data on the iPhone regarding calls made, text messages exchanged, GPS locations travelled, photos/videos taken, passwords stored on the phone, and more.

Choosing the Best iPhone Keylogger To make the choice of the best iPhone keylogger, you must look beyond price. First, you need to know exactly what it is you need to do with a software product such as this. Typical needs are:

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When you have an inventory of what you need to do using an iPhone keylogger, you can then match that with the various spy software vendors and determine the product that will fit your purpose.

Of course what really makes an iPhone keylogger such as the product offered by FlexiSPY the best is the features it provides. With this app you get these powerful tools to help you:

The FlexiSPY iPhone keylogger runs in what is known in the industry as stealth mode. This means that after you install it on the iPhone, all traces of the installation are removed from the eyes of the user plus it silently uploads these logs unbeknownst to the user. Without stealth mode, the product could never be called a “spy.”

The FlexiSpy Extreme Version extends the basic capabilities of the FlexiSPY iPhone keylogger by adding real-time tracking features. With it you can: