Birdsboro Power Plant/DTE Pipeline

Residents of Birdsboro and neighboring communities are organizing to oppBirdsboro Power Plant aerialose two projects that will affect the borough, as well as Robeson, Exeter, Union, Amity, Oley, and Rockland townships.

Ember Partners (formerly EmberClear) has been gathering the necessary approvals to construct a natural gas power plant in Birdsboro on the former Armorcast site. The plant would be a 485 megawatt (MW) combined-cycle facility. The specs of the project are located here.

On October 14, DTE Midstream Appalachia, LLC filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to build a 14-mile pipeline that would connect the proposed Birdsboro natural gas power plant to the Texas Eastern pipeline.

DTE map from pre-filingThe 16″ pipeline would run from Birdsboro to the Texas Eastern (TETCO) interconnect on Water Street in Oley. The affected municipalities include: Borough of Birdsboro, Union Township, Oley Township, Rockland Township, and Amity Township, Berks County, PA. The map indicates alternate routes for the pipeline. The company’s preferred route is in red. The FERC docket number assigned to the project is PF17-1. Read the specs here: DTE Pre-Filing.

Please check back for updates and actions you can take to oppose both projects.

You can take immediate action to oppose the pipeline by setting up a free account on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s site and leaving comments expressing your concerns about the pipeline project. The more information we get on the docket, the more FERC is obliged to consider. Our FERC Public Participation Process document provides you with step-by-step instructions on becoming a commenter.

Download instructions for becoming a commenter on the FERC docket.


Other ways you can help:

  • If you are a landowner affected by the pipeline, don’t sign anything until you speak with an attorney. You can submit a DTE Deny Rescind Letter letter to DTE either denying survey access or rescinding access you’ve already granted.
  • Talk to your neighbors. One great way to start the conversation is with a petition. It also helps you gather the contact information of people who might be willing to help or people you’d like to notify of public meetings and other events. DTE petition  Birdsboro Power Plant petition
  • Take along an informational handout to leave with them. DTE Handout  Birdsboro Power Plant Flier
  • Attend public meetings
  • Put a yard sign in your lawn (coming this week!)
  • Host informational meetings
  • Write letters to the editor of your local papers objecting to the projects.
  • Run for township supervisor or borough council seats as a Green Party or write-in candidate and make the projects an election issue. For more information, contact Karen Feridun at
  • Volunteer to help in the fight. Contact Jan Ferry at to learn more about the power plant fight or or 610-678-7726 about either project.


1/27/2017 – More than 200 concerned citizens and environmental advocates requested an extension of the scoping period and additional scoping hearings. FERC has never responded to our request. (Scoping is the period during which the public gets to comment on environmental concerns the commission should review).

3/13/2017 Opponents of the Birdsboro Power Plant submitted a Right-to-Know request to the Birdsboro Municipal Authority to request copies of all forms of notification given to residents about the project and any related meetings or hearings. This comes in the wake of discovering that neighbors as close as 200 feet from the plant do not recall getting any notification and knew nothing about the project.



Expert Witness Testimony to Stop Gas-Fired Power Plant Installation, Dr. Gideon Polya, Countercurrents, June 14, 2013 – provides overview of issues including potential health impacts.